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First off, we have the best crew ever working with us. They are both hard-working and creative. I can't tell you now many times I have asked them to do something or make something and they do an even better job than I could hope for!


More stuff

Here is our friend Bill, grilling linguica on the back of the pickup and my hubby, Steve, in the foreground. Notice the folding chair... yeah, wishful thinking cuz nobody had time for sitting.

We served smoked tri-tip beef, linguica, bbq beans, spring green salad, veggie pasta salad, garlic bread and Steve's fresh salsa and chips. Oh, and we did two packages of beef hot dogs for the small children and mostly adults ended up eating the hot dogs. LOL

Of course many had never tried smoked trip tip, and loved it. Also popular was the linguica we bought from a local meat market who makes great sausages.

Sadly, I never end up getting a photo of the meat itself because we do not put it in the chafing dishes until just as we are ready to serve and then I am too busy to take photos.

Our bbq trailer
Rollin' Smoke BBQ - West
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