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I was wondering...

I have heard it mentioned on here before, and I was thinking of building one like this, and that is making your UDS have a large pan in the bottom to catch drippings, and maybe even act as a heat sink, eseentially making your UDS a 22.5" WSM. With this configuration, you could probably have 3 racks. How sexy would that be?

Just curious if anyone has tried it. I want to build a regular UDS, and then one of these like a WSM to see if it would work. I have sized the large charcoal pans at Ace Hardware and think they are a good match for the 22.5" drums. What say you guys? You're the UDS experts and have seen it all really.

I really will build these someday. Those who know me know that sometimes it takes a while for me to find the time to finally do some of the things on my wish list. So I'm serious about this, but don't expect me posting pics of my build this weekend ya know!
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