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Originally Posted by Scottie View Post
I use a 12" Granton. I have a eletric, a cordless and about 4 other big slicers that I should sell on eBay. One bit of advice that I started doing. Right after brisket turn in. Go back you your camp and slice everything to turn in size. No matter how much you want to sit and catch your breath. Practice on them at comp style conditions than on those practice one's you do at home. Or don't just wrap them up and do them the next day. Hit them when they are hot. As Walt said... Practice.

Speaking of Walt. When are you going to be ready to get rid of that FE? I need to leave one out NE. Save me some driving.
Of the knives that we've tried, Theresa finds that the inexpensive Dexter Russel 12" Granton works the best and, as Scotty says, we carefully slice the entire briskets after each comp to gain more practice. We carry the majic chef sharpener and keep the knives very sharp. Theresa quickly wipes the blade after each slice (otherwise, you can get particles all over the next slice).

As for the FE, consider returning to your roots and pick up our slightly used and award winning Lang 60 which is up for sale......sticks rule!!

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Back off my FE
Hmmmmm, do I smell a bidding war?
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