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heres my way.

Time per lb is only an estimate for when to eat, and the only temp I care about is approaching 180. thats when i start checking for doneness. I have pulled briskets as low as 180 and as high as 200. Its depends on the hunk of meat, and to preset that with a time or temperature can lead to under or over cooked. Its done when IT tells you its done, not a clock, not a thermometer.

I do NOT pay attention to the temps of the meat. The thermo is ONLY A PROBE..i can use a busted thermometer for all I care.. Its the feel of the meat that tells the truth. How much resistance it puts up to the probe is the gauge.

if u want to cooler for a few hours. Pull it when its still a LITTLE firm like a hot knife thru cold butter. Wrap it and put it in a hot cooler, wrapped in a towel.

the longer the prefered cooler time, the firmer you pull it. resting for 56 hours, bull it when its still firm and offers some resistance.

if u want just an hour or so resting in the cooler, Pull it when theres very little to no resistance.

and thats my story and Im sticking to it.
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