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need to know what it is... brisket or the other thing those southerners make... Joke

Lets say it brisket... I have tried all that stuff above (well it was maybe 20 years ago) and the one thing that hands down makes a good bark is not mentioned in your list

and in fact those things you list were never part of the process for the bark found on the meccas of Texas BBQ long ago and to this day.

Maybe you could say number 5 helps and some of the others help out
Specifically 1-4 and maybe 5 (#5 I use but its a 3 stepper) are all ways to MIMIC the real way to make a good bark... I have already made a a video on remember Chris.

A caveat about my choice of the word Mimic. I used to use one of those NBBS things long ago and some other cheap smokers... i could never plop a packer in one of those without wrapping so I had to use the other techniques because of the limitations of my smoker. Just because I can produce a moist brisket at high temps that's tender with a hard crispy bark does't mean I could do the same thing on your smoker. You may have to resort to tricks to get the same or close to end result.
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