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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post
let me add my two cents in about marketing.

S y n e r g y

brochures are important, they are usually the first contact you have with future business with your client when they take one or one is given to them. However, what is more important is branding. There is a theory out there called the trinity. In your case (and it has been successful for me) the brochure gives a link to a web site, the web site brands you further and so does your business card. 3 points of contact. The same pictures you have in your brochure should answer basic questions but a portion needs to draw people to your website where videos (hosted by youtube and embedded in your website for free) show people having a good time, show your food, maybe give a little recipe, show some customer accounts of your business... All those things that people want explained later.

More and more people are getting their info from the computer. Its called selling while you sleep, or cook, lol.

Your business card should point them to the website, the brochure should point them to the website, and the website should call on the viewer to submit their address so that you can mail them an information package that has a brochure in it.

Sounds difficult but its not... Heck use my space or face book at first. Buying your own webdomain costs roughly 30 for 2 years. The new business out there comes from the net... People are beginning to spend more time in front of the computer watching video than they are watching tv.

Why do you think i make the wild videos i do?

You, of course don;t need to go that far.... But a video of those people you just catered to would be priceless for anyone looking online for a caterer... When they see someone on video eating and having a good time... They place themselves in their place... By the time they reach for the phone to call you they are already sold. Brochures are important... But deadly in combination with other media. Meaning the second contact is deadlier than the first.

Ps any callers inquiring that you sell or don't sell, after you get their contact information, direct them to the website as well... It helps close the deal.
great advice that i plan to implement. Thank you!!!
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