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We have three excellent pitmasters who are capable of doing anything, plus one or two non-cooks that are great for clean-up, heaving lifting and general gopher work. The three of us have settled into dividing labor based on what each guy's is strongest at and/or enjoys the most:
  • Johnny - ancillaries, building rib and brisket boxes
  • Warren - garnish, running boxes, cooking for the team
  • Gowan - trimming raw meat, building chicken and pork boxes
Anything not listed above is handled by whoever isn't otherwise occupied at the time. I think the key to success is building a team of compatible personalities. That doesn't necessarily mean folks that are alike, but rather people that can work together without a clash of egos. A head cook who needs to control all aspects of all the entries won't be able to tolerate much in the way of teammates who want to make their own contribution. I've seen several such personalities cook solo, but I've also seen teams made up of four strong individuals where each acted as a head cook to a single category.
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