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We have two head cooks. VQ's standard line is that my job is to make it taste good, and his job is not to fark it up.

We've settled into a rough division of jobs, but have done cross-training and can fill in for each other in a lot of places. I make the rubs and wets, VQ cooks sauce. I stock the boxes, he buys and trims meat. I do the first part of meat prep on all the meats, he finishes up with the second stage. He does fire management, I do turn-in box prep. We need four hands while glazing ribs and chicken, so we've perfected a little choreographed ballet with lid-lifting, brushing and moving meat distributed between us. We assemble the turn-ins together -- he slices, I choose pieces and stage the box, and I run while he re-stages the work area for the next meat.

I can't think of many decisions either of us have made without input from the other. We don't change the flavor profile, or the cook method, or adjust times, or anything without discussion. Sometimes just the process of bouncing ideas around shakes out what we really need to do.

Most importantly, working together in such an intense way has really "settled us into harness", so to speak. We have to be incredibly focused and disciplined to accomplish with two people what other teams have the luxury of doing with four or a dozen, and it's been good for us. If we were to add anyone, it would be catering crew to feed us (we suck at that), and roadies to do packing/unpacking, although we've found that miracles can be accomplished by waving a ten-spot at a preteen.

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