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At our first comp I did most of the work and just as yourself I took on the role of finding the funds, gear, food etc. Granted it was all my idea I'm cool with that.

When I asked the first guy to be a team member (Mark) we both laughed and sorted out what had to be done right then and there as we sat having a drink at the pub. He laughed and said he didn't know anything about this sort of Q but has a unhealthy love of fire so he decided to be the driver and gained the title of ' transportation & manager fire keeper"

Cliff the second member loves to eat and wants to learn about Q plus he hold his own in the kitchen. He was granted the title of " shout and I'll do my best otherwise I'll be over here watching and learning guy". This guy did most of the gofer stuff like finding water, washing dishes, making coffee, and keeping us fed as we drank and worked through the night.

My wife and kids are also members they take care of the running, box arranging and keeping the 'bring along guest' occupied. They are also in charge of deserts and catching daddy missing a step.

Turns out Everyone stepped up and Mark became an invaluable part of us getting through the contest. He made himself the official time keeper, something I didn't think of and saw to it we got everything in on time by calling the time/ countdown left to deadline. Mark also set up sleeping shifts when he noticed I was starting to slip a bit.

Things worked out very well and we had a great time , that pay off was we snatched the GC first time out.

All in all I think it's important to select people you know will step up, are free thinkers and will save your backside.

Now here is what I did with the guest. When it came time for turning in the sauce category I ran a sample through my team and let them decide what they liked best out of the three I chose. At that point Cliff sent samples over to our guest/ friends via my kids and had them give an opinion on what tasted best. They chose the sauce that took first place and no it wouldn't have been my selection to enter so that was a good idea on his part.

We went there to win first of all and to have fun doing so. Get those two things in the right order and the game is yours.

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