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Default Team Members and duties/roles at competitions

I was wondering how many people you all have on your teams and sort of how you disperse duties and or responsabilities at competitions? I want to put together a more organized team than I had this past year which was my first year and we did two comps.

Here is how things went: Pretty much I did all organizing, calling and prep work for the competitions. Smoker and all supplies were mine and all weekend supplies and meats were purchased by me. This is my endevor and the others were sort of along for the good time and to help where thay could. I started out by asking four friends to be a part of the team with my wife and I (6). Then everyone wanted to bring wives and everything which was no problem for me. THEN they wanted to bring thier two 30ft campers. So I spent a lot of time calling competitions contact to see if they could accomodate which was a lot of trouble on my part. I make it work and we are off to the competitions!

At the contests I have pretty much done most all of the cooking, stayed up all night. I have two guy who alternate staying up with me so I am not lonely and I have one other who cooks pretty good chicken so I let him do chicken. My wife is the runner and does the garnishes and helps me plate up. I ended up with a LOT more opinions than I sometimes wanted about how to cook things ( all but one have never cooked bbq in thier lives ) which caused some tension. The one I let cook chicken now thinks he is the CEO of our team in the chicken dept and thinks he makes all decisions about chicken. I have one guy who really wants to be a good team player but I have not found the role he fits in yet ( he has no cooking experience and had trouble manning the fire ).

2009 season thoughts, My wife does a great job to make up my second team mate, she is one I can turn to and say I need this and it gets done she is team mate #2, I have a sister in-law who would be perfect to bring on board the team she would love to spend 10 hours stareing at lettuce and parsley and do an awsome job in the appearance dept. plating, she will be team mate #3. I will be loosing two members this year due to circumstances. One of which is my chicken guy head ache! I want to find a place for the guy above who I have not found a talent yet he will be team mate #4. At this point that is my team with variuos people filling the role of #5 and 6 if they want to come along until I find an asset worth making a permanent team mate.

How do some of you all handle team member roles? Also I should add that I pay for everything and I keep all winnings the others get a free, fun good eating weekend. I read in a bbq book that there should be a chief and some indians on a bbq team and all indians should know who the chief is. I want it to be fun but I am serious about this, I can party at home much cheaper if you know what I mean. What are your thought?
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