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Default Popdaddys Soul Cornbread - reissue

I Know, I know, I posted this before. But After seeing all the GREAT Onion Pie stuff I am gonna NOT make Soulbread this Thanksgiving and Make the ONION PIe recipe.

So y'all, if you can, make the POPDADDYS SOULBREAD for those that saw this before I apologize. I just know cornbread and Thanksgiving goes well together and this is good stuff and a gift from me to your fam.

Popdaddys Soulbread is a cornbread made with an Onion Bottom (which when flipped makes it the Top) After the Cornbread is cooked, it is holed in the pan and smothered with a butter and cream sauce. This soaks through the cornbread down to the onions. When the Pan handle is cool enough to grab by hand it is ready to flip. When the cornnbread is flipped AAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL that buttery oniony goodness floats down.

Tip... just like in the proper Onion Soup you do not toss the onion while they are simmering. Mix just once.

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