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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Look guys. There's not such thing as GOURMET MOINK Balls. You are welcome to make whatever you desire but unless it's made with pre-cooked Italian meatballs and wrapped in bacon it's not a MOINK Ball.

Making a MOINK Ball with anything else is a violation of the 2008 Wichita MOINK Ball Treaty.

Those of us that are MOINK Ball purists would appreciate it, a great deal, if you would not try and change MOINK Balls. MOINK Balls are one of the easiest and yet tasty appetizers around.

Make whatever you want, just don't call it a MOINK Ball. A great deal of research and development went into naming this product and for those of us who really care about our MOINK heritage it's important that it not be diluted with quality ingredients.

So if you change the recipe...change the name. Or someday when you least expect it, Ginger (head of the KC MOINK Police) will come knocking at your door.

Again, there is no such thing as a GOURMET MOINK Ball.

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