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Originally Posted by big brother smoke View Post

It's business before pleasure with me. I enjoy doing comps but, I love seeing money in the bank account even more
Yep, have to agree on liking to see the green stuff!

Originally Posted by CivilWarBBQ View Post
We sometimes run 3 or even 4 separate crews on a single weekend depending on the demands of restaurant/catering/vending and competition. Johnny loves to compete, but paying jobs come first. Occasionally he will leave a contest early or show up late because his attention is required elsewhere. Since we have three capable cooks on our team it doesn't hurt us with the judges, though it is a drag not to have all of us together at social time.

Vending is always the bottom priority since it's such a profitability dice roll.
We aren't at the point yet where we have enough people for more than one crew. We are close to having two, but still need some training for some folks.

Originally Posted by Spydermike72 View Post
I think I would have to agree with Big Mista's list as well. Although I may pass up a vending gig to go to a good comp. If I had a good paying catering job the same day as a comp I would have to pass on the comp. Money talks...
Money talks real loud in my house. ;)
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