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Default Working on a brochure

Three weeks ago we closed the doors on our restaurant The Wooden Pig Barbeque & Ice Cream. Catering was always a successful & huge part of our business so we decided to continue on as The Wooden Pig Barbeque Catering Company.
We kept the building since it has an approved kitchen and we'll be able to use the dining room for parties. It's a perfect setup for smaller events. Seating for 75+
Two weeks ago we catered for 500 over 3 shifts at a local company. Exhausting yes but a great success.
On with my point here...
In order to drum up business, I need to develop a brochure that is effective. I've started working on the framework for the brochure. It will include the following...
* A brief history of The Wooden Pig
* Detail 3 different meal options with add on choices as well.
* Reservations & Policy information
* Contact information etc.
Anything I'm missing? Suggestions, ideas...
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