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Default Yes, definitely ;)-

This is a wonderful site. I enjoy discussing "QUE" and with the fuss the wife gives me about constant ideas for things to smoke, equipment ,needs (wood,thermos.,propane,etc.); I need an outlet!
The brotherhood will give a way to think out my ideas and question others about methods.
I'm not a "pro" by any means , but I have been a cook/chef in several restaurants here in N.W.Ohio and even though I'm retired(disabled), I still love to cook. Especially Smoked foods! I enjoy hosting parties,family gatherings, community events and(when possible) just a smoker full of meat to freeze for later enjoyment!!!
Here is some of my equipment-

I have enough to do a really nice party and have many times1

The BIG Tejas is my favorite and is a dream to manage,it's not a Klose(sorry) but a real decent in my price range knock-off!
Looking forward to correspondence.
S.King a.k.a. bbqfans a.k.a. Smartass ;)-
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