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I have been reading this thread, and trying to determine how to answer. I went back and looked at the strategic plan we did for KCBS last February. I was pleased at the successes. I was disappointed at the failures. I also pulled my Bullsheet to read the midyear reports, which were mandatory from each board member. There were only 6 or 7 whom bothered to comply. As a member of the board, I will not call out or name members by name.

I wanted to post the strategic plan, but some members believe it is confidential. On most boards I have served, the strategic plan is posted proudly and used as a tool to advance.

I do not have answers to many of the questions raised.
Membership, we have been fortunate to have growth, by reason of training CBJ's. What have we done for retention? Our rate is not good.What should we be doing to retain members?

Economic times: We can do little. But we produce aids for organizers. We may teach them how to promote and find sponsors. We should have pre-made press releases and promotional items. This is why we have a marketing company. This must be completed.

Overall, we must listen to our members. We must respond to the challenges, and we must make certain our sport/hobby remains about family/fun and food.
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