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Is it that much better? Was looking at the Oklahoma Joe I picked up and was thinking of making it a reverse flow. I know it isn't very big but pretty simple and inexpensive to do.
I am a reverse flow nut! I like them because they are really easy to operate. When lighting up my Lang 60, it can be at 350 degrees in 15 minutes(have a log lighter) and with just a quick grate brushing and the rotation of my air vents, I can get her down to 225 in a few minutes. The temps are relatively even, 40 to 50 degrees higher on the box side is not unusual, but I use that to my advantage. I will say though, unless the smoker is fully packed, there is no reason to move the meat till it's done.

Not only are the reverse flows "super" smokers, but they "great" are grills too. I have cooked fresh dough pizza's on my lang at 550 degrees in 6 minutes from start to finish. The reverse flows are wicked easy to ramp up and down in temps once you learn your machine. Your meat will never be charred or burnt and will stay moist because of the juices being vaporized as they drip onto the baffle.
Reverse flow is the way to go!

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