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Default Woo-Hoo! We're approved!!!

We took our sink over to the health dept. this morning and we got approved. We will start selling at the Farmer's Market tomorrow!!!

Thanks to all who shared ideas about building my sink!

Special thanks to Norcoredneck for stopping by at 6:30am after he got off from work to drill holes in my trailer for the hoses.

Special funky thanks to Barbefunkoramaque who sent several yards of PEX tubing and connectors all the way from connecticut to run water from my tanks to the water heater and sink.

I appreciate you both.

Finally, I want to thank my father-in-law, Glenn Croxton, without him, I would still be scratching my head in the backyard with a bunch of parts. Those of you who know him, know what a hard worker her is. He is the MacGyver of the Four Q team and I have made him Operations manager for our business.

And a big smooch to MrsMista for indulging me and taking an interest in running the business and making it legit all the way around.

I have a great team and great friends!!!
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