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Well mine is finished! Which I can prove via pics above. The bottom pic is the three that have been neglected since I started reading this and since I constructed the UDS.

So far it has smoked, rib tips, a Brisket and a Fatty. Though, apparently it never happened since I failed to photograph the event.

I will also say that as mentioned, it does cook a bit faster so a meat thermometer is a must.

I must say, I'm amazed at the ability to hold temperature with almost no work on my end. Always end up with some charcoal and part of my wood chunks left over as well.

I love my offset, but its probably going to be sold.

I'm now in search of a Weber Kettle Lid so I can use two racks. Though I must say I like the flat top look.

Thanks for all the advice! You guys saved me quite a bit of cash as a BDS was going to be my Christmas present to myself.
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