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Originally Posted by billygbob View Post
And my brisket is too. I've seen some mighty good looking pics of meat still on the UDS and they're a nice mahogany brown. My meats turn black. Not burnt or burnt tasting, but burnt looking. I don't use any sugar in my rubs and I don't mop. I also don't foil. I tend to run around 220-250 most cooks.

Some of my own thoughts include:

1) Too many wood chunks
2) Crappy lump (Best Choice)
3) Temperature spikes when my back is turned
D) Sooty flames from grease drippings.

Can anyone/everyone give me your best guess what I'm doing so wrong or suggestions on how to figure it out?

ThnX - BillyG
How much wood are you using? I use 2 fist sized chunks that last the whole smoke.
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