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Good comments Civil so I don't think your replies are out of place at all. Phil's too.

Phil made the perfect point of it being a complimentary level to the current path of just competition. Part of the problem is that I think there are many outstanding cooks who chose not to compete, like many who frequent this forum. Let's not forget that there is some awful BBQ being submitted by teams each weekend and not everyone makes stellar BBQ which makes the "pro" label kind of funny sometimes and dilutes what others are capable of who don't care to be judged.

Here's a case where KCBS can assist an up and coming comp cook or experienced backyarders learn tips, new ideas, product reviews etc. which will help them improve whether for judges or their friends and family in whatever they cook.

I thought about the KCBS BBQ Tour.. Clearly a great start or at least idea, but if they are doing demo's of grilling steaks (which isn't a bad thing) but only explaining how to cook BBQ, then part of the mission is lost or diluted. My guess is the BBQ tour is more about trying to recruit new judges than above anything else. Phil may have it right that the R&D or New Ideas committees can potentially take this on to enhance KCBS overall appeal. Not sure of the scope of each committee but maybe Membership committee should also be part of the equation given their title of the committee.

Value to membership is also an important piece and to me there does not seem to be much effort being put into to improving what KCBS can potentially give back. A hotel discount is nice for some, but I think negotiating discounts with suppliers etc. could easily be accomplished with a few letters and phone calls. A few more articles would also broaden the appeal and maybe get others who don't compete to actively contribute in that area to the Bullsheet, website etc.

If KCBS true future mission is to focus on the competition scene, that's great as there is a need for that, but then it would also probably be a good idea if KCBS alters their formal mission statement to avoid confusion as to what KCBS is and is not.

Looking forward to hearing from others.
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