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I don't disagree with your perspective on the "BBQ Goggles" effect either, but when I'm looking for creative cooking inspiration I have tons of great resources available that do a better job than a newspaper format periodical ever can. The beautiful glossy photos in the cooking mags, great search tools on the Food Network website, heck even YouTube has jillions of cooking demos you can call up with the click of a mouse.

The National Barbecue News comes pretty close to what you are describing for trying to appeal to a larger audience, and soon BBQ World Magazine will join Fiery Foods Mag as another periodical that features outdoor cooking. I just worry that the Bullsheet might become so watered down with general interest features that it becomes less appealing to the pro cooks who use it as a primary source of information about the contest circuit.

Urgh. My appologies. I'm muddying up this thread where BoD members should be the ones responding. I'll shut up now, sorry.

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