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Originally Posted by CivilWarBBQ View Post
Very interesting questions!

If you don't at least aspire to becoming a judge or competition cook one day, then no, KCBS doesn't really offer much value to you. There are plenty of other media outlets that provide recipes and guides for the casual cook, and do a better job of this than KCBS does. If KCBS were to start adding this sort of layman's content to the Bullsheet I suspect the competition cooks would find it uninteresting and consider most of it below their level; kind of like putting articles on how to change your oil into a hot rodder's magazine. I'm not sure if you can serve both the avid pro cook and occasional backyard burger griller with a single publication.
I'm going to call on that statement(not disagreeing, but hoping to add perspective). This is something I'd love to see addressed by R&D or New Ideas committee.

Since I started competing, my casual/backyard cooking has suffered.

i have been so focused on bite thru skin, perfect ribs and competition brisket that not only is my entire family so sick of it they wont eat it, but all the great stuff I used to do in the pit has taken a back seat. Pizzas, kabobs, tenderloins, butterflied this and that, stuffed roasts, stuffed peppers, crazy sides.. This stuff all stopped in lieu of the big 4. I see RTD's stuff and can only think back when i used to do it.

and ya know what, i forgot how to make some of the stuff that my family went nuts over. I realized thi slast week when I was going to make thighs for the UFC fight. THIGHS!! wtf!!!
Not a sliced breast, or butterflied bird,. or even wings.. but farking THIGHS? SHEESH.. I think its called BBQ Goggles. You cant see anything thru them but competition meats.

I would LOVE it if there was a section of the bullsheet for the backyard and NOT the circuit. Its not below my level, its another level of BBQ thats more diverse and more enticing than the same old 4 meats and probably would be more appealing to most folks.

I think i just hijacked vinnys question.
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