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Default KCBS - Target Membership

I'd like to hear from any current, prospective or former BOD members as to their thoughts on KCBS strategy to recruit and/or retain members as it relates to the KCBS mission statement and intended role

1) Aside from KCBS' role in sanctioning the growing competition BBQ scene, do you think KCBS can/should be doing more to attract potential members not interesting in competing or judging relative to the goals and mission statement above ? Could KCBS membership expand quicker this way ?

2) Do you believe a KCBS membership provides enough value/benefits for a prospective or current member who does not compete or judge ? If so, which benefit do you believe is most attractive to a prospective member ? If not, how do you believe this can be improved ?

3) Should KCBS allocate additional time/resources or consider a new committee to focus on expanding KCBS presence and interest outside of the competition arena so it does not become uni-dimensional ?

Thank you for your response in advance.
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