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Default Vending a first year event

We have exclusive rights in contract to vend a first year event. This will be incorprated with BBQ comp in NJ. We are going to sell PP, Chicken 1/4's and ribs. We also have exclusive rights to sell drinks. They are expecting somehwere around three thouand people. It will be friday night for six hours and saturday for nine hours. I am lost on what to make. I am trying to work a deal with a local restaurant to buy any left overs that we never have to take out of the reefer truck, but he is looking into that. We have a good rep in the area and people love our food, so I think we can get a good turn out but I am not sure of how much to cook. I don't want to short hand ourselves or be way over and get killed on waste. Any input would be great. Thanks
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