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Originally Posted by fevoice View Post
Most BBQ Caterers that I know, cook a few days ahead and either freeeze or refrigerate until serving day. They then re-thermalize the meat and deliver. Now some will take out their cookers on trailers and reheat on site, which gives the serving site that smoke aroma we all know and love. And as mentioned above it's a great form of marketing.

But when it arrives it needs to be hot. Unless you told the customer that they need to reheat. Then you need to deliver at a temp that is "safe".

I'm currently agonizing over wether to get an FEC-300 or 500 or an SPX-300 or an Ole Hickory Pit SSG mounted on a trailer. All I need to do after that is convince my lovely wife that spending/investing $13,000 - $16,000 in a BBQ pit is a good thing.

Blessings all!

Yes, what Frank says is dead on.

We do most of our production cooking for the restaurant and catering jobs on our Southern Pride, but when we need an on-site dog and pony show we take a trailer mounted stick burner. Pre-cooked, double foiled meat is carried in ice chests and reheated on the stick burner to serving temp. In addition to providing the smoke aroma and look people expect, it is also a very good way to minimize your waste in a vending environment because you only reheat what you need. Any unused product simply goes back with you. Since it never left the cooler there is no loss in quality.
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