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Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque View Post

The foil Lined Food Sack.... No not for the Pulled Pork, just paper for that... its cheap and cool

back to the sack... I can portion out (depending on sack size) a half o rack or three bones and pop them in.

THEN and this is the brilliant part.

Make you up some two boners or three boners whatever... make like 40 or so.. they keep forever.

They STILL can go into a steam pan but without water in the pan, just under it, and they stay warm and toasty at times marginally better than right off the block.

In addition, I have even stacked them up like dominoes in an electric roaster pan (like for turkey). If you have staff It reduces dry out time pulling racks in and out for slicing to order and the product is good.

I sadly, have never gotten around to getting a distributor to custom make a purple envelope with my name phone and website on it.... that is crucial and well worth the money...

I did once with sandwich wrappers (butcher paper) and everytime I sent someone away to their job with a lunch I got return business from other people in the place that saw the cliet eat my BBQ and took the wrapper and called me.

You use Instawares? Have they actually given you good service?

I ordered a meat slicer from Instawares, paid for quick delivery (via credit card) cuz we needed a slicer for one of our first vending events. The slicer never showed up. I called and they said the slicer was on backorder, though they never told me that when I ordered it. I asked for a refund and bought a slicer elsewhere, at a local restaurant supply for more money. I didn't get my refund, so had to ask again. I had to ask several times, and didn't get my money back. Finally, after almost a year and I had to threaten them they sent me a check. Considering a meat slicer costs several hundred dollars, I was very peeved and would never do business with them again.
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