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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
I apologize if I missed something in the 129 pages I read, but my question is about a single intake running to the center of the drum. Can anyone say if that takes care of the hot spots that others reported with a single intake? Also, I thought it seemed a bit odd that those with 3 or 4 intakes said they had more even temps yet they would have one or two of the intakes closed. How is that making the draft even resulting in fewer hotspots?

No biggie. Maybe nobody can answer, but thought I would ask. I would like to do a single intake (to keep it simple) running to the center.
Chris, I do the four intakes but close them down equally. I think the burn is more even that way. Did the pipe nipples inside about 4 inches long thinking the center oxygen would work the best but it didn't for my drums. Cut all the inside nipples back to 3/4 inch and the burn was even all the way around and more consistant. This is just how it works for the drums I have. Obviously, the single intake, or some capped intakes all work for them...that's real cool. Lots of ways to skin a cat...and they smoke low and slow real well also.
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