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Originally Posted by RazBarlow View Post
It is hard to see but I do have a wire loop in the center of the grate that falls down when not in use. Then I can just pull up on it and it extends and is used as a handle.

Like I said,right now I don't have much $ to spend and want to use my $ on a wireless thermometer, you guys know of a good one for around $35-$40 ? Right now I don't have any $ in this project except for time . I am on short term disability right now so,time is what I have alot of. Well, I guess I do have around $20 in it if you count a case and a pack of smokes but that doesn't count ,right :-)
Next step is to wire brush and get a wireless thermo , what and where should I get ?
Thanks, Raz

Go online at ... there is a wireless there for 15 bucks and it works pretty dang well. I am able to watch my UDS and the game from my living room
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