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Originally Posted by CivilWarBBQ View Post
At the risk of being dog-piled, I'm going to have to take the opposing viewpoint on this issue.

I agree with Jim that any such change should not be applied retroactively, so that any sitting BoD members should be permitted to serve out their terms. Also, I'm personally very grateful for Merl's efforts to bring more transparency to the administration of our organization, and will be voting for him in the upcoming election.

HOWEVER, when dealing with the politically charged environment of a large membership organization like KCBS, it is crucial that steps be taken to eliminate the potential for inappropriate influence upon the BoD as well as the appearance of the same. I understand that many of you see this issue as a personal attack upon Merl and Carol because you know and trust them to represent you. But imagine that three brothers that you've never heard of were elected by a landslide to the Board. Would you be concerned about the possibility of something fishy going on?

I can't speak for others, but for myself this is an issue about operating our Society in a professional manner in keeping with recognized standards for non-profit organizations. If my mother and daughter were both sitting on the BoD I would still support this initiative.

-Gowan Fenley
Cartersville, GA
Based on your scenario I would have to question the manner elections were held. But the reality is, it's hard to get voted onto the KCBS board unless you're known nationally. An outside firm is used to count votes and no member of the board knows the outcome until just before it's announced.

If an amendment is to be put in front of the members for their consideration in the next election I see no problem with that at all.
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