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When I was voted onto the Board in 2005 within the first hour of the first meeting a letter was read questioning the eligibility of one of the board members who had been reelected. After the letter was read I was called upon to argue the point. In this case, the bylaws stated that a board member could not run for reelection after serving two consecutive terms without taking one year off before running for another term.

After a heated debate, I was called upon to make a motion on how to handle the situation. My motion was to remove the board member that had been in reelected based on the current bylaws and that the board would fill the vacancy. Bunny Tuttle nominated Rod Gray and the board approved a motion.

The difference in this case is that they're asking for a new amendment to the bylaws which should take a vote of the membership to approve, and to accomplish what they are trying it would have to be retroactive to cover this current election.

The subject was brought up in the last election by board members and general members, but was tried to implement without changing the bylaws. In this case the membership did speak by voting Carol onto the board. Not only voting her onto the board which she received the largest number of votes of any candidate.

I have no problem with members asking for amendments to the bylaws but I can see a problem if they were to be instituted retroactively. I believe that would be a dangerous president to set for the future.
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