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Can a mod split this into two threads? The aspect of the by-law change is worthy of it's own thread and will get ignored under the general heading of the agenda title.

Here is the email that I sent to the BoD members:


As a member of the KCBS, a CBJ and an organizer of multiple cook-offs including two state championships; I wanted to let you know what my thoughts were on the proposed changing of the by-laws to restrict potential family members from serving concurrently.

If this passes it will have a significant impact on my decision to renew my membership in the KCBS and to support the efforts of the KCBS in the future. In addition, any board member that votes for this proposal can be assured that they will not be getting my vote.

It is incredibly insulting to think that the membership is not capable of deciding who they can and should vote for. It is sad to see attempts to put restrictions in place on who we can and can not vote for to represent us in the Board of Directors.

Let me be clear about where I am coming from. The only member of the Board of Directors that I know and speak with is Linda Mullane. I donít think that Jerry Mullane plans on running for the Board, so I have no personal bias in this debate. I have never met, nor spoken with anyone currently running for the Board.

Aside from the inherent supercilious message in such a measure, there are logical problems as well. What about people who qualify as common-law spouses? How about domestic partners? What about amiable divorce couples? In-laws? Business partners?

The entire concept is an insult to the membership and flies in the face of what I have come to expect from the KCBS. BBQ is the most egalitarian of hobbies and an attempt to limit who we, the membership, can choose to represent us is just plain wrong.

I realize that you must be very busy, but I would appreciate your writing back to let me know where you stand on this issue.

Thank you,

Eric Devlin
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