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Originally Posted by Bigmista View Post
We are cook for a festival in two weeks. They are expecting 8000 people over the course of the weekend. We are serving pulled pork, chopped chicken, tri-tip, st. louis ribs and links. We will have 4oz. sandwiches and 6oz. dinners.

Anybody want to take a stab at how much of each meat we should buy?
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I think first you should ask yourself an important question. "Is this a real number or some inflated hype?"
Originally Posted by Bigmista View Post
I'm bushed. The weather was great. The crowd sucked. Brethren came out to support us. The other food vendors quit and left. We worked what little crowd there was. Fed the MC and the ands so they would talk about us on the mic. The promoter wouldn't take a commission from us and apologized for the crowd being so small.

We broke even. Pics are here. MrsMista is already passed out. I'm going to bed.
Neil, I'm sorry to see that I had a good point, but glad to see that the promoter at least did the right thing.

From the pics it really did happen and it looks like a nice setup you have going.
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