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Originally Posted by SDJ View Post
I took the fire basket out and used a blow torch in 3 places for about 1 minute each then left it for 10 minutes, it didnt feel like it was throwing out that much heat but when I put the fire basket in the UDS and put the thermometer in it stayed on 270F for some time.

I noticed that every time I take the lid off the temp spikes dramtically and this is with all venys closed, perhaps the slightly smaller Aussie drums (44 gallon) has something to do with it
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I usually only get 5-6 coals going, 2 vents open when temp climbs i cap one and use valve to throttle. Most cooks with large load I have 1 cap off and maybe 1/4 valve open. Air leaks are bad, removing the lid to look is worse. Close it up, open a beer and adjust only 1/2 hour. After temp settles in leave alone. Temp might drop after 4-6 hours. if it does shake/kick drum to knock ash loose and wait before adjustments.
Here is a pic of what I started tonight
Low and Slow.....

The Prontologist is in...
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