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Default First UDS heat regulation challenge

I just fired up my UDS for the first time, its got 3 x 3/4 holes spaced evenly around the base of the drum 2 inches up from the base, Ive
loaded it up with 10lbs of briquets, (called heat beads over here) Ive also put 3 x 3 inch pieces of peach tree wood in.

The problem is even with all 3 air holes closed completely with magnets its still running at 265 F, it was hotter and has cooled slightly over the last 45 minutes, I do have alot of smoke coming out from around the weber lid and think that this may be the problem either that or the fact that I got it too hot in the first place.

Im not really planing to cook anything on it today (Though I do have some MOINK balls in the fridge just in case ) my main reason for firing it up today was as a test run.

any advice from you more "seasoned" UDS guys sure would be welcome.

Cheers Steve.
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