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I normally pre-cook everything but the ribs. I subscribe to the Marsha method, get there at the butt crack of dawn.

That said, I prepared ribs (12 racks) for a Christmas party last year and did smoke the ribs for three hours, then wrap them in foil and smoke them for two more hours (at 225 degrees) then finish them the next day. I started them in the foil and glazed them on the customers gas grill. I was actually very impressed with how they came out. It worked out great because I didn't have to haul in my smoker and ribs were also the only thing I provided.

I try not to do the ribs due to the amount of attention they require but I made the mistake of blabbing my big mouth and sharing leftover ribs following a comp and now that is what folks want.

My question is how many racks are you going to cook for the gig?

I think that what I need to do in the future is provide ribs, but not competition ribs. Sort of hard to do though, because I don't want to dissapoint anyone.
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