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Originally Posted by drbbq View Post
Nah, it's just a witch hunt.
I disagree with you but am not going to sit here and start bringing up negative incidences, witch hunts or anything of the like. But I am tired of reps getting raked over the coals anytime they speak out on an issue that has been burning over a long period of time.

What ever happened to being kind to one another even when you don't get your way? Why does it always become a one-sided issue? Yes, there are a lot of issues that should remain in the Board room and not publicly displayed on the forum. But when they are aired, I beleive the other side has a say to defend his/herself. These reps are hard working and excellent ones at that. I don't feel it's fair that an elect few are allowed to spout off whenever they feel slighted and the rest feel there will be reprecussion if they do.
Gotta love it!
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