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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Ladies and Gentlemen (ok, ladies for most of you), I will be so bold as to say the regular fatty is now obsolete. Long live Spammy Dean!

I'm drinking a beer now, stuffed out of my gourd after a boys night "in" fatty feeding frenzy! My 13 year old is laying on the couch watching TV saying how stuffed he is. My 8 year old autistic son even got in on the action. He saw us eating the sausage and asked for some. At one point, he grabbed a big chunk off the Spammy Dean and ran off with it!

There is only about 1/3 of the original Spammy Dean left. There is still almost all of the regular fatty and the mixed fatty, and the Spam only got one slice taken out of it by me during the taste testings.

This stuff is too good. At least my kids are young and in good health and this hopefully will not kill them. As for me, this could very well be my last beer. Man was not meant to live on Spammy Dean alone, but that is basically what we ate tonight!
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