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The fatties are DONE!!!

The Spammy Dean sausage fatty, the one made from all Spam and Bacon and seasoned to taste like Jimmy Dean, did not hold together too well during the removal process. It didn't really want to hold together too well overall really. Here is a pic of the finished products.

Starting in back from left to right is the regular Jimmy Dean control fatty, the Spam/Bacon grind mixed with regular Jimmy Dean fatty, and the one on the right is the pure Spammy Dean made from only Spam, Bacon and seasonings. Up front there is the control Spam.

I couldn't get a good clean slice off of the Spammy Dean fatty, it was just too crumbly. So I pulled off a chunk and took a picture of it.

It tasted FANTASTIC! It tasted somewhat similar to a regular fatty, but with a certain zing which I'm sure was from the Spam and Bacon. I took a slice of the regular fatty to do some side-by-side taste comparisons. The taste was very similar in many ways except the Spammy Dean was better. It was more exciting and the taste just sort of jumped out at ya!

Next I sliced off the end of the other Fatty, the one made from the Spam/Bacon grind mixed with regular Jimmy Dean sausage. Here is a pic.

It tasted different from the other two fatties. It was good, but I thought the other Spammy Dean was much better (although crumbly). I did some side-by-side taste testing between it, the regular fatty, and the Spammy Dean. This one had some taste of regular breakfast sausage fatty, but the Spam/Bacon mix toned it down and made it more like a smoked sausage with some breakfast sausage seasonings in a way. Ypou could taste the Spam about as equally as you could the breakfast sausage.

For the final taste rankings of the fatties, the Spammy Dean was the best in my opinion, by a fairly wide margin. The regular fatty and the mixed one were about equal in flavor pleasure in my opinion.

the Spammy Dean had a major drawback in crumbliness however. The one mixed with some Jimmy Dean however held together fine. Maybe if I did a mix of Spammy Dean and Jimmy Dean I would get the best of both worlds? Maybe I will try that in a future experiment.

For now however, I have Spammy Dean's to go eat...
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