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I took the "Spammy Dean" sausage (the seasoned Spam/Bacon grind sausage) and rolled it into a tube and coated with a No-Salt rub. I figure between the Spam and the Bacon, it has enough salt.

Then I took the plain ground Spam/Bacon meat and mixed it with 1 pound of Jimmy Dean regular breakfast sausage. I rolled this into a tube and applied a mix of the No-Salt rub and my regular rub.

I also rubbed a 1 pound Jimmy Dean regular sausage with my regular rub. This will be my Control fatty.

I also opened one can of Spam, no rub thank you. This will be my Control Spam.

Here is a pic of the fatties and Spam all rubbed up. The one in the back is the Spammy Dean sausage blend I made up, the middle one is the one that is a mix of Jimmy Dean sausage and Spam/Bacon grind. The one up front is the regular Jimmy Dean control fatty, and next to that is the control Spam.

I put them in the WSM at 275. In just a few more hours the tasting will begin. I wonder if I should get a defibrillator, just in case?
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