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Originally Posted by tony76248 View Post
Keep it simple is all I can say. One of the secrets to cooking for the masses is to provide simple straight forward food that isn't overcooked or undercooked and that can be prepared very easily also in a short amount of time. Sorry Marsha, as good as those sides looked, I would bet they were all time consuming to prep for 175 people. That said, if you prepared them all the time, the prep time will get easier.

So again, figure out something easy but good. My goal is always to have folks say things like "that was awesome", knowing that the dish was very easy to prepare.

I guess another thing to add into the equation is, how much refrigeration space do you have, how much money do you have to work with and what are your time constraints?

I would also go with the anti-pasta I guess. There has got to be something in there for everyone whether it be the cheese or the salami etc... Plus it is easy to make.

Good points, but it can be done! Say for instance you contract out what Marsha has presented for $9 bucks per. 9 x 175 = $1575; so for chits and giggles we say ingrediants comes to 1/3 = $525; hire several folks to conduct the the labor at $525, this will leave $525. Additionally, your profit margin should be even higher because, you will not be paying that much for labor.

Or simply contract out the appetizers and charge the client 2x to 3x your cost.

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