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Talking The Moink balls were a huge success! (pron)

As I mentioned previously, I committed to make some snacks for a community gather for Halloween. I always wanted to try and make moink balls, after sending a few pm's to trpfox1 (Larry), he advised me how to make these tasty appetizers. First I went BJ's and picked up a 5# bag of Italian meatballs and the bacon.

After thawing out the meatballs, I cut the bacon strips and started to wrap the meatballs, using round wood toothpicks to hold the bacon in place.

I need a second tray.

Meanwhile, I start the old ECB, with the chimney of Kingsford briquettes.
When the chimney was ready, I set it up and fill the water pan.

The balls were place on the grill and seasoned liberally with some homemade rub. The ECB went to 300 and then started to climb back down to about 235 degrees. She ran for about 2 hours and maybe 10 minutes, till the bacon looked done.

Larry mention, that he used a sweet glaze, so I had to try and come up with some sweet and a bit of sour. I used 2 cans of whole cranberry sauce, with some crushed pineapple drained, some dried cranberries, zest of one orange and the juice of one orange. 2 cups of water and 1 cup of white sugar dissolved, in the water and then simmered all the ingredients for about 1 hour.

After the sauce thickened and reduced, I strained it to get all the seed and fruit pulp and only have the glaze. Then seasoned with salt and adobo goya. The glaze was really good.

Do to that fact, that there were kids and adults alike, with different taste opinions, I decided to serve the glaze on the side.
The moink balls went over BIG. It was served and lasted about 1 hour. Everybody loved them, especially, with the sweet glaze. This was my first try, but definitely will not be the last! Thanks Larry for all your help.
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