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Originally Posted by sfbbqguy View Post
let's have the brine recipe!!

Let's see, as it stands now, and I will keep it this way.

1 Cup Kosher George Clinton
1 1/2 Cups James Brown (there is no Light James Brown)
1 Cup Taste of Honey
2 Quarts of Anita O'Day (or More if you like this voice)

Extra Spices
Three Sticks of whole Patrice Rushen
2 Tablespoons of Montreal Steak Seasoning
2 Tablespoons of Prince (powdered)
2 T of your Own Rubb
3 Smashed Rick James Cloves... not the kind you smoke either.

Bring to a Mother Popcorn and make is funky, then let this break out in a Cold Sweat. Add at least as much water, the longer you brine, the more you should add. I do a rather quick soak for a boogie night so I keep it tight and flip to the "B" side half way through.

I hope you like Anita O'day. They say she keeps the Doctor away.
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