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Originally Posted by Merl View Post
First let me say thank you for the very kind comments from many of you.

When I was elected to the BOD the meetings were closed to members and no agenda was posted. My first goals were to kick in the door to the Board Room and make it open to members. I also pushed to have published agendas for the members to be aware of issues. Those goals were accomplished.

I have failed to get the Board to allow telephone monitoring of the BOD meetings. It has been proposed three times and failed each time. If re-elected, I will bring it up again next year.

But the real reason for my reply is to suggest the quality to look for in a member of the BOD.

There are two types of members of the Board.

1. is the member of the BOD who says: I was elected to make decisions for the members and I know what is good for the members.

2. is the member of the BOD who says: I want to know how the members feel about issues and based upon the desires and needs of the membership, I will make the best decision I can for their benefit.

In our board I have heard too many times the first statement. I would encourage you to vote for candidates who subscribe to the second statement.

Thank you for your support.

Merl Whitebook
KCBS Board of Directors
Thank you for proving my point, Merl. As a KCBS member, I would like to ask you which other BOD members support position #2?
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