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What's it going to cost you in sausage, cheese and japs to produce said Armadillo Egg?

I think it's much more practical to just figure out what your acceptable profit margin is and calculate everything that way than trying to figure out how much someone would be willing to pay.

It's much better, in my book, to have a reasonable margin and sell lots of them than have a really high margin and take the chance of not selling them.

Example: Yesterday my wife and I drove up to "Apple Hill" for our annual trip for apple products. It's a nice leisurely drive and a chance to relax. Stopped at one place and they had some bbq glazes. They looked really good. A bunch of different flavors. But at $8.00 for a 12 oz bottle it just didn't make sense to try.

Knowing these are "bulk" made and not really their recipes. Just bought bottles and then slap their labels on, I knew they had a fairly decent margin. But instead of making a reasonable profit on them they were trying to hit a homerun. At $6.00 a bottle I would have bought all six flavors at $8.00 a bottle I bought none.

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