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Being a director is really a difficult position to be in. The basic idea of the Director is to make decisions for a business to make it successful. It is assumed, to a certain extent, that all the directors involved are there to make the business better, It is also assumed that the members of the organization also want the business to be successful and there in lies the conflict. success for a director is not necessarily success for a member. a good director in this type of organization is going to understand that the organization exists because membership supports it. and in order to have membership continue to support it there must be activities and goals that are supported by membership and directors. The role of director can really isolate you from the membership. After all you are the ones making decision and looking at issues and deciding what is "best" for the organization and membership. If you don't keep in touch, you lose the needs of the membership amongst the needs of the directors. Prolonged membership on the BOD takes people out of representing membership to developing their own silo's of leadership. Once the silo's are established, removing them or going against them can be problematic on many levels.

Ideally I'd like to see the Directors be directors but elected on a regional representative system. Divide the country into 7/9 or 11 regions and allow each region to nominate and elect a director, and each director be term limited to three terms. This encourages new blood, the removal of silos, as well as getting equal representation to all regions. so if you're going to lead, lead with an ear on membership but remember that to be a director means doing what is right for the business. A very difficult role indeed. Scott
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