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Default KCBS Board?????

I hope this is the right spot

Well I have been nominated for the KCBS BoD
After reading the forums over the last few years I am not LOL sure that's a positive :)

Here is my question

What as a voter are you looking for in a BoD member?

1 A name I recognize but know nothing about the person
2 Willingness to wear a "kick me" sign on their back
3 Someone from MY part of the country
4 Experience with nonprofit organizations
5 Experience as a Organizer, Rep/Judge or as a Cook
6 Open, available, actually cares what the membership thinks
7 Or........... What do you think is important?

A while back I told Gene Goycochea I would back him this year and that will probably
preclude my running in 2009 ............. Maybe 2010 would be a good year :)
Catering, Contests, and Community Service

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