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Larry..I barely got to eat anything I was trying to write bash bites as fast as they were poor lil grocery list almost combusted from the content.

Fun times promised....bash bites (not bad for two hours and the ones I can actually read or remember my short hand...)

Official Bash Bite on 10/28/08 .... in a respectable family oriented pizza joint somewhere in Omaha NE

Where do you all find good wood around here – Riley (Smokin Goatee)

A purple trailer??? Now you’re just gaying up BBQ (NTTIAWWT) – Tom (Roo) to Dustin (Doorbuster)

I stayed and helped Pat rub his butts…and then we worked with his meat – Gary (Garyk139 in reference to hanging out at RiverCity Roundup

When it comes to Smokin Goatee, hes not exit only – Dustin (Doorbuster)

Its funny (to Aubrey, Goatee’s wife)…you sell for Slumber Parties , and I wear my wifes underwear Mon, Wed and Fridays – Scott (Well Smoke U) ….Later in the evening…… To Scott (from Dustin)….No offense but it probably took her that long to get her underwear off of you…..

In discussing a new bbq joint in Omaha….Scott to Trucky and Gary… “You know where it is!!! Iit used to be an old Daylight Donuts”

When discussing making hot dogs / wieners (whatever you want to call them if your hung up on nouns)

His sausage was too tight – Don (Trucky) (and I have no idea what he was talking about)

This isn’t a beer belly, it’s a 15ft fatty wrapped around – Tom (Roo)….

You know, when your biting into your wiener, its stiff, but there isn’t much of a snap – Scott (Well Smoke U) regarding he and Tom (Roos) recent batch of wieners

In discussing other brothers we all knew…..

When he (Vern) held me at the Gab – Dustin (Doorbuster)….he was in his shortbus with a pap smear machine on his face, he was making so much noise there was no way any of the rest of us could stay in there with him….

Corduroy Pillows are Making Headlines

Operation BBQ for our Troops- Midwest Division
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