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1. Thanks Buddy
2. Thanks again. I have seen such delicious inspiring things on here I just wanted to post some pron myself.
3. the woman in the end of my rib video is my wife. She will be handling all the girls next year. I can't deal with the cattiness... I just wanna make Q, right. The girls in the Brisket video are just a few Stellas. The Brisket video is a video statement about how sexy good brisket is... it rivals hot sexy ass sometimes. It does not rival my wife's ass though. LOL

Kind of like how sexy Guns are. People joke that I am liberal. I love me some guns though. I'd like to see someone come and pry my hands off these beauties.

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  1. Damn those ribs look good!
  2. Damn that brisket looks tasty!
  3. Holy CRAP who are those tasty morsels in that brisket video?

About half way through I forgot it was a bbq pron video....

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