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We use food vendors as well. Actually, two different. Sam's isn't an option for the most part. The closest one is 70 miles away.
PFG/TPC requires a 15 case minimum + a $6.50 fuel surcharge, and Kohl's has a minimum dollar amount of $250 and no fuel surcharge.
Both companies do a fine job for us. However, there is one issue that I've been hit with a couple times. Occasionally a vendor may be out of something I typically order. For some of the items, I won't accept a sub item. I always like to get the same brisket or ribs etc. Well, to make a long story short, if they are out of something I wouldn't know until the order arrives and the driver alerts me that I'm missing brisket or chicken or whatever. As you can imagine, not a good situation. My reps from both companies usually plead they wernt aware when they entered my order. As I say I'm working with my vendors on this and perhaps this is an isolated incident to our account.
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